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A Multi Version Server 1.8 - 1.15 Semi-Vanilla


Our Survival server is like super fun!

This is a PvP server and the only protected regions will be ones set by staff, the rest of the world is free game and we will not be resetting this world ever!! Be safe out there and please do not troll other players the world is big enough for all of us and lets all work together and not against each other!!

I need help with joining

Here's a geat video

For a great video explaining how to join a Multiplayer server, click here

Factions / Prison Server - COMMING SOON!

Fight some players with a team!

Faction leaders will be created by our staff and as this is a large community event we will be accepting applications for faction leaders and from there they will be in control of the faction servers and new players who wish to join will be selected by the faction leaders.


Become Rich and Take Over!!!!

We have intergrated Economy into our Survival and Faction Servers. Build and have Value added to what you build just be careful of Raiders! Bonus Features added with Economy Currency!!

Vote Rewards

Vote for Us and Pick your Rewards!!

We want players to have fun and have a bit of an edge so all you need to do to get starter items,building materials,or more then all you need to do is vote recieve points and Buy a Item or Items of your Choice!!