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A Multi Version Server 1.8 - 1.15 Semi-Vanilla

How it all started

Death by Minecraft was started on Feb 10, 2020. I started this as a small adventure with myself BerzerkHamster and some friends. We are looking to bring modern features and gameplay to the Minecraft world. There are many different aspects of gameplay and we hope at DeathbyMinecraft we can bring you many of those Features.

The Server is Being built from scratch by the staff and we will continue to grow all of our worlds. modern games are a big aspect of the game now and we will be bring as many of them online as possible. Myself the Founder will always dedicate my time to keep our servers online. We will be hosting on dedicated servers each world,event,game play, all hosted on dedicated servers for the best possible lag free game play.Keep in Mind no server is perfect!!

Im hoping to bring a community based game play and friendship between all players and staff on our servers.Friendly and fair game play for all ages is the #1 goal as minecraft is a huge network and spread out WorldWide, and we all have our features and perks, map designs, games, factions, Mods, and so on and we all want everyone to enjoy there game play and we will always take ideas from players and do our best to implement them into our game!! We hope you enjoy the stay with us.

Our mission

We want to bring a large player base and to do so we have made it possible for you to connect through a central hub(server) and from there gain access to our main Survival server, and Factions Server with Vote Rewards and a Full Economy System and more as we grow will be added to the DeathbyMinecraft Realm.

As the server grows please be patient with staff as it can be a very busy world in minecraft, that being said please do report any issues with the servers or players, we do not want anyone being bullied on our servers, fair and friendly community please!

Mods are a big part of game play as well and we will be open to ideas on mods as long as they work with our servers, we want to bring a lag and bug free environment and not all mods can work but another of our goals is to do our best in integrate mods or create new ones in hopes to bring more fun aspects to the game.